Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wild Wadi Water Park

Picture of the Burj Al Arab outside of Wild Wadi Water Park.

        Islamic New Year today so we had no classes. ChaRon set up for a bus to come pick us up and take us to Wild Wadi for the day. It’s a water park over by the Burj Al Arab. ChaRon wanted other RIT Dubai students to go with us but they all said it was too cold for a water park! Hahaha 75 degrees Farenheit is winter weather for them!
        We got these cool green wrist bands when we got into the park. Coolest things because you can put money onto the wrist bands and use them throughout the entire park to buy food, souveniers, and even lock and unlock your lockers. Such a cool idea so you don’t have to carry around a key or your money bills. 
        The rides were awesome. There were water slides throughout most of the park. The best thing was that you didn’t climb stairs to get to the top of the water slides, instead there was a series of slides that jet propelled you UP the slides. It was so awesome. There was one ride where you free fall down a big slide with your legs crossed and arms crossed over your body. The whole ride down you can see the Burj Al Arab right in front of you. That ride was kind of painful, but sort of fun. Major wedgey at the end. There were also two of these awesome Flow Rider things where it was basically a continuous wave that you would use a boogy board on. The lifeguards there were really good at it. 
        Then I got a fish pedicure. I know, weirdest thing ever. We'd seen these advertisements for it around the past few days. Steve and Allie decided they were doing it because we got discounts with our reciepts from lunch. Right when they put their feet in the water and I saw their faces, I immediately decided I had to try it. So basically you sit on this wooden deck type thing and put your feet into a tank of water. Before your feet even get to the surface of the water, a million little fish gather around them. I put my feet it and had to take them back out right away because it felt so weird. These little fish are all over your feet. It takes some getting used to. It feels like your feet and calves are asleep, they have that tingly feeling. Then I would look down and see the fish on them and I would slightly freak out. So Steve, Allie and I sat there for a half hour doing these fish pedicure things. The best part was watching other people try it for the first time. The usually response is AHHHH WEIRD!! and then they whip their feet out of the water haha. We had a great time doing that. And afterwards, your feet feel phenomenal! SO SMOOTH and with excellent circulation ahaha
Begining of the Fish Pedicure, my face pretty much says it all haha

        After lunch I laid out in the sun for a little while with Dylan and Thistle. I passed out for a half hour, then woke up to turn over, and passed out for another hour in the sun. So great. Really loud rushing water sounds and the hot sun put me right to sleep. Over all it was a great day. Really fun, great to be in the sun, and so funny because it’s the winter here for them so it wasn’t that crowded at all!!
        At night we played volleyball with a bunch of the RIT Dubai kids. I was on the undefeated team, record 6-0 woo woo!!  The volleyball we borrowed from the gym is really hard. It was like hitting a rock. The game was so fun that we decided we would invest in getting a new volleyball sometime this next week.
        Did laundry tonight. Don't worry, all my clothes survived. 
Another picture of the Burj Al Arab at night outside the park.

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