Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nelly, fountains, furry handbags, and rollercoasters

The Dubai Mall trip  this weekend included so much stuff. So here's a few more pictures:

This was an awesome fountain at one part of the mall. The silver people are sticking out from the wall under the fountain so it looks like they're all diving off this huge water fall.

Mom and Dad, if you need any more Christmas present ideas, 
this right here is the handbag of my dreams....
(no but seriously)

Some random store that put funny holiday pictures instead of faces
on all their manequins. I think the reindeer one is the funniest.

Me and Mike (and half of Steve's left arm) on the 
"Sega Republic" roller coaster. 
You know, the one that was INSIDE the Dubai Mall.
We're going backwards at this point, if you couldn't tell.

Hershey's store was a ton of fun. This picture on the right is quality stuff because 
Steve had no idea the chocolate bar was upside down hahahaa.
The Apple Bottom Jeans store!!!! With a ginormous picture of Nelly on the back wall.
And all the jeans had apples as the back pockets. And all the clothes there looked like they were straight out of his music videos. HAA!! Maybe I'll come home with a pair. But then I would also have to get some boots with the fur.
(with the furrr)