Thursday, December 9, 2010

Creamfields Abu Dhabi

The crazy awesome white clothed dancers on pole things. (My favorite picture from the trip so far)

        Me, Jimmy, Stan and Mike Baer ventured to Mall of the Emirates to get tickets for the David Guetta concert tonight happening in Abu Dhabi. The metro ride to Mall of the Emirates is like an hour long, so it was quite the journey. When we finally got around to getting the tickets, the guy went to sell me mine and told me it was the only ticket left. WHAT?!?! Turns out they had another stack, no worries. So our plan was to head back to the dorms, take naps and then head out around 7:00 or 7:30 ish. Well, we got back to the dorms at 3:30 and at 4:00 Jimmy calls and says, “umm change of plans we’re actually leaving whenever everyone is ready.” So I really quickly jumped in the shower and got ready and met the boys downstairs. Ariel had his car and offered to drive all of us there. So Ariel, Tito, Ahmed, Stan, Me, Mike and Jimmy all hopped in his SUV and headed off to Abu Dhabi. Let me tell you, Ariel is quite the driver. There were a number of traffic circles on the way to Abu Dhabi and I'm pretty sure the wheels squeeked on every one we went around. Don't worry, I had my seat belt buckled and we all got there safe haha.
From left: Mike, Tito, Bruno, Stan, Jimmy
        The concert venue was huge. It was basically inside of Ferrari World, so we saw a sneak peak of all those awesome rides. There were four stages, DJs playing at each one the entire time. There was food, beer, carnival rides, glow stick stands, lazer lights, black lights, jumbo screen tvs, and random dancers around. The weirdest dancers were the ones painted like leopards. One of them ran up to Jimmy at one point and I made him get a picture with the leopard dude. 
Jimmy with the weird leopard dude, and Stan on the right.

        The best part besides the music was these dancers that danced on these pole things. Okay, no, NOT pole dancers. It's hard to explain. They were wearing all white and they climbed up to the top of this pole and then harnessed themselves in by putting these straps around their thighs. Then they pulled a string that brought a huge white chinese lantern type thing up to cover their body. There were three on each side of the stage. They danced to the music and gradually emerged from the chinese lantern things and were then just flying around on these pole harnesses. Maybe the picture below will help describe it.

They started in those huge white Chinese lantern things.
        Best DJs of the night: Above and Beyond, Afrojack, MadJam, and David Guetta. The main guy we came to see was David Guetta. He was scheduled to get on the main stage until 1:30am. Then, they pushed him back to 3:30am because I guess his flight was delayed? Then, finally, at 4:30 AM this guy shows up. His first words on stage, "Man that is a LONG flight!" Haha So Guetta played from 4:30 AM  to 6:00 the morning!! He wasn't allowed to keep playing so the concert finally ended. The sun was coming up at that point. Jimmy, Stan, Mike Baer, Ahmed, Tito and I ventured back home together. It was quite the quest. We eventually took a taxi into Abu Dhabi and then got a van to take us to Dubai. Turned out to be pretty cheap too, especially because Tito bargained with the driver, and it went right to the dorms. Everyone passed out on the ride home. When we finally got back to Etisalat, it was 9:00AM. Talk about craziness.

The stage at the begining of David Guetta.

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