Friday, December 24, 2010

Nepal Preface

Christmas break is upon us. At RIT Dubai the students only get one week of break. This creates somewhat of a dilema for us American RIT USA students who like their families, especially around Christmas time.

After much deliberation, I decided the plane ticket would be too expensive to go home to Maryland for only a few jet lagged days. SO instead I decided to travel somewhere around here (on this side of the world) because it would be rare to have a chance like this again. Me and my friend Steve tossed around a couple ideas for the vacation week: going to Egypt or Lebanon, staying in Dubai, learning to scuba dive. 
But finally decided on one destination: Nepal. 

So here begins the story of my first Christmas ever away from home, accompanied with my first New Years ever away from home, along with my first ever adventure to Nepal. We did a ton of things, but I'll try to make sure I don't leave out any of the awesome stuff.

Just for reference: Dubai is point A, Nepal is point B:

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