Friday, December 10, 2010

Fibber Magees

Jimmy, me and Steve at Fibber Magees!!
        So after getting back from the crazy concert this morning at 9:00am I took a well deserved 6 hour "nap", more like just slept in the middle of the day. I woke up at 4:00pm and did some ACT homework. 
        Later, Andy, Allie, Steve, Mike, Jimmy, Stan and I went on a search for an Irish pub called Fibber Magees. Apparently there's only two Irish pubs in all of Dubai haha! After a little confusion with the subway we found it. We met Bruno there (he's another RIT Dubai student).
        This irish pub was so great! Right when we walked in it felt more like Christmas than ever before: they had small white styrofoam beads covering every inch of the floor; there were Christmas decorations everywhere; the bar was crowded with a ton of Irish looking folks, and half the people had legitament Irish accents! We found a perfect table for 8 and sat down. The live band was setting up to preform right as we ordered our food. I got a beef and potatoes Guiness stew. It was absolutely deliciously awesome, it basically tasted like a bowl of Ireland. The band played some great songs that most of us knew. They would sing the song and then stop on a popular part and wait for the audience in the bar to fill in the lyrics. Right on cue, 75% of the people at the bar would shout out load, completely off key, the next words to the song. Then the band would keep playing. 
        Over all it was a great night! The food was awesome, the people were Irish and the craic was mighty! (don't worry, we didn't do any drugs; "craic" = Gaelic for good times) We even made it back to the metro to catch the second to last train at 11:25pm. 
It snowed INSIDE the pub!!

Mike really liked his bacon egg breakfast burger.

Bruno and Stan at Fibber Magees - the crazy Brazilians!!

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